Some Advice About Proposing At Christmas

At the start of the new year, everyone, it seems, is offering up their predictions for 2013. Will $AAPL reach $700? Will Windows Phone find success? I thought it would be helpful to think much further out.

If you are using a stop smoking aide, don’t expect it to do all the work for you. When people ask me what I used to quit smoking and I tell them the patch, they say, “Oh, I have heard that it doesn’t work.” You need to understand that even when using a stop smoking aide, you will have to have the willpower. And don’t say you don’t have willpower. It’s in there. You just need to decide for yourself that’s what you want to do. Using a stop smoking aide helps with withdrawals but it will not be a miracle cure.

But saying you want to quit and even writing it down on a piece of paper is not going to make a bit of difference if you don’t prepare yourself mentally to quit. So before that happy new year 2019 gets here, you need to go over the list below and prepare your mind to accept that you’ll be giving up cigarettes.

Do not give your passport to the rental company. A copy of your passport will do just fine. Never, ever give your passport to anyone except the police.

Let’s face it. The weight loss industry is big business for health food stores, networking marketing nutrition companies, weight loss centers like Jenny Craig, and private health clubs.

You will need to check the current rules and regulations to determine if you will require an international license or if they will accept your home country. Do not trust the rental agent and his interpretation of the law.

So for this coming year, and in light of these thoughts, I offer you the wish that you will do more of whatever the heck makes you feel whole, whatever makes you feel ‘ah, this is home’. A sense of familiarity and comfort with the job you do and with any luck and a good wind you might also fill your wallet and be of use to others while doing it.

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