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The posters host was one of best forum which was suddenly unable for us to make use of. The best forum used by people is the posters host which is again back and so people must try to take the most benefit of it. Those who have already used it before are now again getting an opportunity to join it and make the most use of it and also all of them must be excited as they can again get the benefit of various service provided by it. You can even promote your business with the help of this forum.

Despite passing a watered down health care bill, the government reports that employment in the health care sector rose, adding about 20,000 jobs per month. The next highest employment sector was professional and it support aberdeenshire adding about 17,000 jobs monthly. Manufacturing lost 27,000 jobs a month offsetting a majority of the gains in employment and aided by a loss government jobs due to the Census workers completing their short-term employment tasks.

My main point with this article is to highlight the folly of assuming and in fact being taught by society and media that money is the end all and be all. Where ever did that statement that “Money is the root of all evil” come from? It has been used prolifically but is actually a mangled and misused proverb. Yet, having lots of money has been portrayed as being the suave jet-setter being able to buy anything in life. Not everyone has such live aspirations or indeed will be able to reach such lofty ideals. Can there be anything more misleading about money? Now, given a choice, let me ask you, is money good, bad or simply a source of societal confusion?

There are many other services provided for the business too. This is the great advantage that you can also make the most use of it for even developing your business. You can even make use of web master chat which even has services such as hosting chat, web designing, ad services, buying, selling, trading, etc. the list even continues. You even get the GFX service which allows you to share port folios in this forum with others.

Services: writing, graphic and web design, coaching, administrative assistance, marketing, tech support, tax preparation… if you have a skill, you should be marketing it on the net.

With national unemployment rate at 7.4% it means there are 11.3 million jobless Americans. Of that number, the Employment Situation reports there are 4.3 million who have been jobless for 27 weeks or more and are deemed long term unemployed. This group of long term unemployed increased from the previous month and represent 37.9% of the total national unemployment.

Small Business Coaching Tip: Seek to determine where there is confusion in your small business from “Why don’t my customers buy from me more?” to “What do I need to do to grow my business or myself?” If you cannot find the answers by yourself, then buy a lot of books, talk to a friend, find a mentor or even hire a business coach.

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