Pure Home Water: Making Your Home One Step Safer

Washington, DC singer Suga SP made a special appearance at Mango’s in Virginia Beach on Friday, December 24th. The talented singer, songwriter, stylist, and designer treated the crowd to an entertaining and stirring performance, which included her very own version of Teena Marie’s rendition of “Wishing on a Star.” The temperature may have been dropping outside the club that night, but the beautiful singer’s performance definitely heated things up inside as she delivered a truly unforgettable performance.

Law enforcement led the public to believe they did not have a suspect in the case and refused all aid in their search efforts. Police sometimes attempt to feed the press erroneous information in order to snare perpetrators or get them to let down their guard.

As I said earlier, Candida Yeast is always present in your body, along with ten times as many bacteria as you have human cells. Candida keeps the harmful bacteria in check.

Symptoms of a Candida yeast infection are more numerous and varied than you might suspect. Vaginal yeast infection is a symptom most people are aware of. Other things that could be a result of a Candida yeast infection are constant fatigue, difficulty focusing or thinking straight, a white coating on your tongue or gums, abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion, an increase of food allergies, gluten intolerance, cravings for sweets, joint and muscle pain, weight gain or loss, fungus of the finger or toe-nails, urinary tract infections, itchy red eyes, skin rashes, cracks in the corners of your mouth, rashes inside the ears and around the groin area, anal, penile, or vaginal itching, hair loss, vision problems, depression. Who wouldn’t be depressed by feeling so worn out and tired all the time?

Pieper is the former boyfriend of Jenni-Lyn Watson, the student from Mercyhurst who went missing a week and a day ago during a Thanksgiving break from college. Jenni-Lyn’s body was found today around 11 a.m., according to Fox News Live sources.

The first category I will mention is the one nearly everyone focuses upon and possibly falls into the category of “common knowledge.” Despite this fact, you might be surprised by the quantities of sugars and sweeteners that are regularly consumed in a typical diet. When the quantity of sugar in the blood rises it upsets the balance of calcium to phosphorus in the blood as well. This has the effect of pulling calcium out of our teeth and bones. Low phosphorus levels likewise affect the mineral content of dentin, which is the layer of tooth structure supporting tooth enamel.

Don’t wait until tomorrow- do it today. Start taking the necessary steps to get back on track right this second. The past is the past, and while it is important to learn from it to avoid the same mistakes, look forward and make healthy decisions as they come to you. Once you get a few good decisions under your belt, you’ll gain your momentum and be right back on track to hitting your goals.

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