Personal Alarms Available For A Variety Of Uses

In your golden years the only thing you should have to worry about is how to enjoy the remainder of your life to the fullest but sadly that is not the case. Now, more than ever, senior citizens need to worry about their personal safety and do what they need to in order to remain safe.

The 3-in-1 Security Guard measures 15″ in length and has a handle circumference of 4-1/2″. The handle is made of aluminum with a non-slip grip. The lamp circumference measures 6-1/2″ and is made of ABS plastic. Just like a Maglite flashlight baton, it is bigger in the light bulb end and tapers to the smaller circumferential size in the aluminum handle end. The light bulb is a halogen bulb which is several times brighter than a regular flashlight.

Your Car – Do you make a point to lock your car doors and roll up the windows wherever you park, even if you’ll just be there for a minute? Do you make an effort to park in well-lit parking lots, and avoid walking to your car alone at night?

As you approach your car, look around and under it. Check the inside for anyone also. If anything looks strange and you have an uneasy feeling, walk away and call someone for help.

When walking to the car, always have your keys in your hand, and the thumb near the ‘horn’ button – if you have one. If you don’t have one, then consider a personal alarm for children.

Think of how it was when you went to college or high school. If you were lucky, your classes were close to each other. If you were like me, each class was in a different building, scattered all over the campus, usually on the top floor. The library was never next to the dorm…

Always remember: You and your loved ones deserve the safest life possible. But wishful thinking can only take you so far. You must act as soon as possible. Protect yourself and your loved ones today, while still in time. There is no time to waste!

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