Mace Screecher Aerosol Personal Alarm

Welcome back! So far, you have learned the difference between MACE and other pepper spray brands. You are also knowledgeable on how to adjust the pepper spray strength to your specific needs, using OC Concentrations and SHU ratings as selection criteria. On top of that, you also know the different types of spraying methods (“fogger”, “stream”, “forced cone”, “foam” and “gel”) and which one of them is the most appropriate for you, given your individual lifestyle.

While shopping inside it is a good idea to avoid dark hallways and stockrooms, especially at closing time. Be sure to only use bathrooms that are located in high traffic areas of the mall such as the food court.

Which type you choose will depend largely on your unique needs. An electronic device is a good option for most, they are small and can serve multiple purposes. Many electronic devices are activated by pulling out an alarm pin by strap. Other types are activated by pushing a button.

Heavy use by both pedestrians and vehicle traffic both cause a parking surface to deteriorate. Leaks and spills of engine oil or antifreeze, which commonly occur wherever cars are parked cause broken pavement and gratings and can further add to risks of slips and falls.

If you are attacked, make a lot of noise. Many women and girls who are attacked become so frightened they forget to scream, which is strange, but true. Activate your personal alarm for children system.

Try not to overload yourself with packages when it is time to return to your car. Combine smaller ones with one or two larger packages, or make several trips to your car. If you are overburdened, you won’t be able to see who may be approaching and it could prevent you from quickly responding to a threat.

This list seems like a lot but as you begin to check things off you will find that you are becoming more confident that mom is safe in the home that she wants to stay in.

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