Loft Conversion – Advantages & Planning Methods

The information given here is only to be used as a guide. If you require more specific information about your conversion and planning requirements then please contact your Local Council.

Before answering that question, it’s instructive to consider the overall role of the home. This is a space where you spend many hours, seeking to relax and to avoid the problems associated with daily life. It may well be the case that you have a hectic working life and that you are often in dire need of this relaxation.

Converting your loft to become the master bedroom? Why not! A loft conversion Harlow for a luxurious and very private (indeed!) master bedroom will do wonders. Pamper yourself with a fantastic room by installing a floor-to-ceiling window and even throw in that French door. You can even install your own shower and comfort room for the complete loft extensions. With all these work, it will be best to get reputable builders in London to do the job for you.

Careful planning on where to put the electrical points will really save you a lot of bother and money as time goes by. You need to have a clear picture of the kind of fixtures you will use in the room and the location of the electrical sockets.

Ideally you will also need someone to help you with odd jobs, an extra pair of hands. Some jobs require more than one person and it’s always good to have an extra person around, it help make work more enjoyable.

Getting an home improvement loan depends on the type of modification or renovation you are planning. If, for example your home is an old building it may be eligible for a restoration grant. The same might apply in certain parts of the country where you plan to install solar powered energy panels. Check this out at your local town planning offices first, it could save you money on any other loans you take out.

When going for these types of loans, it helps to know what is involved in the home improvement. Will it be completed in stages ? In this case you probably want a line of credit or a loan where the lender releases the amount in chunks. This will save you money over time as you are not paying interest back on one lump sum that may just be sitting in your account.

You might have very little roof space to create a viable living area in your loft – so why not take out the majority of the ceiling (subject to building control approval, of course) in the master bedroom and create a mezzanine room where your bed can sit? That will leave more space below for extra living space.

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