Capcom Bringing ‘Mega Man 3’ Over To The Nintendo 3Ds

Okay, after a week away at E3, we’re back with Straight Shooting! Of course, most of the news is pretty much fallout from last week’s show, and most of it seems centered around the upcoming Wii U, but nonetheless, here is what has come up over the weekend and today.

There are other nice additions, like levels where you only see Mario’s shadow, jumping in a Mario-sized skate and skidding around an ice rink, and flying through transparent pipes. There’s a Goomba disguise that prevents other baddies from attacking you, and the Mega Mushroom (Giant Mario) power-up from New Super Mario Bros. even makes a few appearances.

Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto recently discussed a few things about the Wii U, including its power, its price, and how it is not like the iPad.

Nintendo says that for any 3DS owner who connects online to the magento eshop at least once before August 12 will automatically be registered into its Ambassador program which will give owners a couple of perks.

In truth, the Hammer Suit should have gone into the spot occupied by the Frog Suit, simply because they also have the Penguin Suit, which allows the Frog’s improved swimming, and so much more.

5) Get Nintendo to release a version of the GameCube controller which plugs into the Wii Remote. Some of us like to play how we like to play, and there ain’t no other way, y’dig?

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