A Catta Whatta Dog? – The Remarkable Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Too many techies get a bad rap for lacking teamwork and communications skills. The stereotype is that while techies are great at what they are trained to do, they cannot parlay their knowledge onto others. Because of the stereotype that techies cannot communicate, they also can be stigmatized that they lack adequate teamwork skills. So, what are the chances of two Helpdesk teams communicating with each other to successfully form one team while not compromising customer service?

Allison Wilcox led Windsor with 15 points and 18 rebounds. Kaitlin Callahan added 13 points, and Amber Heath and Abigail Wright each scored six for the Yellow Jackets, won the title last season and lost to the Rangers in the title game two years ago.

If you come for the water sports, you will come to Seneca Lake State Park. Located just out side of Geneva, the park has docking for boats, a playground and is open year round, and is a great place for cross country skiing in winter.

The two lake records came within the last decade. The Oklahoma record, 7.80 pounds, was caught by Aaron Fidrich on March 22, 2003. The fish was taken on crank-bait in the mid-regions online login of Texoma. The Texas record, 7.06 pounds, was caught by Jay Fuller on January 29, 2006. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife report this smallmouth was caught with a jig in 20 feet of water on the bluff banks outside of Eisenhower Marina.

Children: Good with children they have “grown up” with and if socialized as a puppy. Due to their innate herding instinct, they should be attentively supervised with small children.

There are a few extra pieces of equipment needed for ice fishing which can be easily obtained by as well as a few luxury items that can be a huge help. Warm winter clothing is critical to a pleasant experience; A coat, a pair of gloves, shoes, boots and sunglasses can be the difference between a bitter cold experience and a nice day on the lake. Be sure to dress accordingly. A small plastic snow sled with a small rope attached can be very convenient for transporting tackle, equipment, chairs, food & refreshments etc.

Moose can weigh up to 1000 pounds and stand almost 7 feet tall, so you may think it’s easy to find a moose, but think again. These huge creatures can be elusive, so you must look for signs of their presence. Moose leave big footprints, especially in the mud around freshwater sources. The two-toed moose track may be up to six inches long and the front is pointed. Moose also leave big piles of scat (poop). Moose scat is in the form of oval nuggets and is about the size of a Hershey Kiss (sorry!). If you are hiking in the woods of Maine, keep an eye out for these signs of moose and be sure to wear bright orange to avoid being the victim of a hunting accident.

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